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Purple | El Salvador

Santa Marta

Santa Marta

Tasting Notes: Blueberry, Nougat, Fudge

Process: Natural

Varietal: Bourbon

Altitude: 1550-1650 MASL

Origin: El Salvador

About the farm:

Nestled amongst the captivating landscapes of the 'Plan De Los Naranjos' region, and perched amidst the vast Lamatepeque mountain range Lies the renowned Finca Santa Marta.

Francisco Annichiarico And his team have set them selfs the task of preserving his families heritage and promoting sustainable coffee cultivation.

Francisco's grandfather was a pioneer in El Salvador's coffee farming Scene, driven by a relentless pursuit of growing and harvesting the finest coffees, This relentlessness is still alive today through the farming that Francisco and his team are maintaining.

This is a very clean and well processed Natural with non of that 'funkiness; you can sometimes find in naturals from this origin.

bags of sweetness and clarity with a blueberry like fruit note present up front and a lovely creamy fudge/nougat like middle and finish.

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