Colours FAQ

How can I get the best out of my coffee at home?

This is a BIG question with lots of possible answers....

You have started in a good place by buying freshly roasted, well sourced coffee, great job!

We would recommend that you grind your coffee just before you want to brew it
using a decent, burr grinder, this will ensure your coffee is as fresh and aromatic as it can be.

Our coffee is a medium roast so make sure to use good quality water which has
been freshly boiled, this will help you extract the maximum flavour from the beans.
Don’t overthink it, brew your coffee, enjoy that brew and tweak the next one if you think you can make it better.

How long do I have to consume my fresh bag of coffee?

We would recommend consuming your fresh bag of coffee within a month of opening it.

You are still ok to drink it past this time (if it lasts that long!) but it may taste slightly different to how we have described it on the bag.

What is the date and number on the bottom of the bag?

You will find 2 numbers on the bottom of the bag, the date is the date that your bag of coffee was roasted on.

We would recommend leaving your coffee unopened for at least a week after it has been roasted.

This will allow unwanted CO2 to escape leaving you with a more balanced and full flavoured brew.

Of course, if you just cant wait this long for your first brew then please do enjoy right away.

The 4 digit number is the roast batch code for that roast.

We like to log this so we are able to QC a specific batch of coffee if we need to.