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Decaf | Colombia

Nariño Decaf

Nariño Decaf

Tasting Notes: Sticky, Date, Spices

Process: Washed & Sugarcane decaffeination

Varietal: Mixed

Altitude: 1800+ MASL

Origin: Colombia

About the farm:

Sugarcane decaffeination utilises a naturally occurring compound, ethyl acetate to decaffeinate coffee. The EA used in this process is derived from molasses(a by product of sugar production). Since EA is naturally-occurring, the process is labelled as “naturally decaffeinated.”

Nariño coffee is grown at altitudes that reach 2,300m, some of the highest altitudes that coffee is grown in the world. Nariño benefits from the micro-regions that operate within the department. They can change according to any number of factors: altitude, orientation, or proximity to mountain peaks.

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